IT Services 
Kumar Inc., provides contract consultants with expertise in the following areas
E-Business services E-Commerce Java WebLogic IBM WebSphere ColdFusion NetObjects Oracle (all products) MicroStrategy Data Warehousing SmallTalk C++ Visual C++ PowerBuilder Visual Basic SAP PeopleSoft Siebel Sybase MS SQL Server AS/400 Mainframes QA Testing.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence involves the integration of core information with relevant contextual information to detect significant events and illuminate cloudy issues. It includes the ability to monitor business trends, to evolve and adapt quickly as situations change and to make intelligent business decisions on uncertain judgments and contradictory information. It relies on exploration and analysis of unrelated information to provide relevant insights, identify trends, discover opportunities, take proactive decisions and create value.

A key aspect of BI is that first word: "business." More than any other technology, BI succeeds when the business side is intimately involved in determining what will constitute the "intelligence" that IT can produce. BI decision support and analytic applications help facilitate:

Multidimensional Analysis
Data Mining
Business Analysis
Querying & Reporting
Knowledge Management
Balance Scorecard Preparation
Digital Dashboard Preparation
Enterprise Portal Implementation

Project Management:
We provide both project management and computer Network solutions in the client- server and in the intranet/ internet environment. If the client is trying to optimize the Network utilization, our knowledgeable consultants can advice the client on the most practical way to solve the problem or manage the project.

Off-Shore Development:
The OSDC (Off-Shore Development Center) provide our TEXAS office with an additional pool of developers. The OSDC is fully equipped with capable software engineers to provide the development services to small to medium size companies. In today’s market place, providing skilled and qualified IT talent seem virtually impossible! Kumar Inc. is set out to do exactly that, make it very possible. Kumar Inc.is committed to provide clients with comprehensive resources to develop, build and maintain the application infrastructure that will enable companies to stand big and tall.

Companies no longer worry about how their web site being transformed to an e-business market place or how the Network is being optimized for security, because we are here serve clients, they are able to maintain higher productivity and lower operating cost by maintaining a normal core team.